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Pen and Ink Drawing by Sauts
Honoring Thomas's Narragansett Ancestor

 "I am done
with great things, large institutions,
big successes
and important people.

I am for
those sometimes glimpsed
eternal moral forces
that migrate soul to soul.

I am for
those spiritual fibers that reach like rootlets,
albeit in the dark.

I am for
the light of inner awareness
that seeks as water until absorbed.

I am for
spiritual practice that,
given sufficient surrender,
dissolves the densest monuments of mind
into the infinite wisdom of the heart.

I am for
remembering my being
as but one drop in an ocean of diversity
that contains All, connected forever in spiritual equality."

A Wholeness Quotation of Thomas Merton Brightman
a.k.a. Meeleensupeenkwail,
"He Who Bears the Gift of Tears"

Inspired by William James, January 1, 1998.

Day One Vision

Fleuli Ranft

Day Two Vision

Riva San Vitale

Day Three Vision

Santa Maria del Sasso

Paintings by Sauts, Click on Photos to enlarge

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