Thomas' Biography

"I felt it shelter
to speak to you."
--Emily Dickinson

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The Alchemy of Personal Transformation
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My term Psychophilotic®
identifies a process
for loving oneself.
It represents a path
to higher consciousness
through self acceptance.

is the facilitation
of those seeking
compassion for self,
harmony with others,
joy in the mysteries.

Pir Vilayat Inayat Kahn
Thomas Merton Brightman

Original Art, 2005
by Sauts
(William Sauts Netamuxwe Bock)

Weighing the Heart
by Sauts

Life's a Yo-Yo, but it's worth the spin.

Sooner or later we all find ourselves in valleys far from mountaintop experiences, succumbing to sadness, down with dissapointment, in the grip of grief, acting automatically under the influence of inherited unconscious dysfunction.

Broken heart, wounded spirit, abandonment angst and discounted depths, are intense parts of living and loving. These and other pain full spaces can become birth places of a of 'let go' of old destructive thoughts and behavior; and, of a 'new beginning' of constructive ways of thinking and acting.

Change of heart--spirit revival--the process of new beginning, rejuvenation, passion, is sacred gateway to enhanced living and loving. Relationship, with the up and down, in and out, here and there, contraction and expansion is truly spiritual practice, active participation in eternal interconnectedness, smiling at the Narrows of Infinity.

You can change when your undealt with material is consciously brought into focus so that behavior is recognized, clarified, owned and modified by commitment and persistence. However humbling and pain full your history, you can integrate learning from these experiences into a highly functional Self. Embrace your evolving Self with objective input and ongoing mentoring. Live energizing interconnectedness.

Dialog is one aspect of happiness. Focused conversation, in safe space, held by an open-to-outcome mentor, greatly aids one's self-exploration, search for happiness, and experience of interconnectedness.

Getting out of fear and back on goal can happen a lot sooner with a personal advocate than by one's self. Use your life of relating with others as spiritual process for grounding and growth. Insight into the nature of emotions gives us the means of transforming them.

Thomas Merton Brightman, Mentor and Elder, offers individual and couple telephone mentoring by appointment between 9:00am and 9:00pm (EST/EDT). Over 3000 people have sought insight at The Change of Heart Center®, founded by Thomas in 1989.

Thomas provides 'Mentoring', an educational process of co-creating life strategies, for both one-time crisis intervention, as well as, ongoing life-strategist coaching. Thomas offers you elder experience of 67 Winters. Benefit from his lifetime questing--personal, professional, Twelve-Step and spiritual.

Thomas can be your 'eye-of-the-elder' aide as you move through both expected and unexpected emotional terrain. Life is 100% projection, so outside objectivity is a valuable addition to your own viewing point--especially during the push-pull periods of stess, needs deprivaton and uncertainty.

Mentoring calls may be scheduled for one to three hours. The fee is $75/hr. Payment is by check, cash, PayPal®, money order or wire transfer. I am willing to customize time frames, ongoing appointments and payment schedules. If you have a telephone, you have mentoring with Telephone Thomas®.

Thomas is open to outcome. He is pragmatic and direct. Thomas defines mentoring as an exchange of wisdom in the absence of fear. Honesty without fear unleashes creativity, evaporates burdens.

Telephone Thomas® is a safe space in which you can be fully honest about your quest for wholeness.The paradigm of wholeness is a call to healing. Splits in body, mind and spirit can be mended, transformed into a more balanced existence.

For many individuals, traditional religions do not fulfill their spiritual longings. Some feel lost in arriving at contemporary understanding and practice of their unique spiritual emergence by themselves. They want to know more about Self and Mystery. They want a more personally intimate experience of connectedness, interrelatedness, unity. They seek a feeling of wholeness, meaning and purpose within this lifetime not confined by the imposition of past or current dogmas.

More is always being revealed. Meaning and purpose evolve. Mentoring assists you to actively engage consciousness. Identity is destiny.Telephone Thomas, as open to outcome mentoring, can be your companion for deep personal quests.

Large group work is effective, yet it is ever more expensive, not just monetarily, but in terms of using valuable blocks of ever-decreasing free time. Time is life and we benefit by choosing wisely how we use our 'life-time' (the time in our life). There is significant benefit in taking the time to weave our way through fundamental human experience.

Many people are not in a position to travel to workshops. Yet, you can be called upon at any time to move through a critical life transition. By not doing a workshop and saving vacation time as well as the expense of airfare, hotel, meals, etc., you can provide for long-term Telephone Thomas® mentoring support.

We encourage everyone to have multidimensional support such as medical, therapeutic, 12-step, spiritual and positive friendships. It is wise to have varied support so that when you most need assistance, someone is there for you. No one has all the answers or even all the questions. Be open to outcome. Be wary of anyone who tells you that they have THE answers.

Today, people have an average of 8 jobs and 3 career changes in their lifetime. Each of these transitions includes loss of identity. Mentoring can assist you to discover expanded identities and new aspects of self. Identity is destiny, professionally and spiritually. Telephone Thomas® is an educational experience; it is NOT a therapy.

Moving into your emerging future can be confusing and painful. Today, events move very rapidly with people caught up in all sort of distraction. So it's quite possible that you would benefit by slowing down and caring for yourself with Telephone Thomas® and embracing change as opportunity.

For example, saying, "I do not want to die", is not the same as saying, "I want to live". Affirm being fully alive while teaching your mind about your heart and vice versa. Working as a team, we can unveil ways to instill hope and creatively assist your transition through the cycles of life.

Call Telephone Thomas®, 443-986-6005. You may prepay the first appointment when you reserve your time. Thereafter, you may set up a reserve account or pay from a mutually agreed upon plan. We accept PayPal which allows a debit to your checking account. Contact PayPal:

Thomas listens with the inner ear, hope and heart of an Elder.

Add inner resourcefulness, purpose and meaning to your life. Unlock your fullest potential. Re-ignite life passion. Telephone Thomas®. Call 443-986-6005.